Customer Requirement:

The Customer is interested to install Off Grid SOLAR ROOF TOP system for electricity purpose.

Proposed Technology

The solar ROOF TOP system here is consisting of Multi crystalline solar modules with fixed angle mounting systems and the solar inverters shall be of off grid system without battery backup.

Benefits of Proposed Technology

The benefit of crystalline technology as compared to other existing technologies is as follows;

It occupies less area when compared to other thin film technologies

Proven technology over years

Proven Long-term performance (25 Years)

Abundant semiconductor materials to support high volume production and demand.

High volumes of production facilities throughout world

Solar ROOF TOP system for 2KW system


System Block Diagram

Solar-ROOF TOP System consists of many sub systems. The major sub systems in the system are:

Solar PV Module Array



Module Mounting Structure

Cables, Earthing

Electrical Distribution Board /isolator/Controller


Each of the sub systems has been described for the functionality and operation modes. The physical construction of the system follows a modular approach, which is field-tested and is regularly used for delivery of power systems.

Solar Modules / Array:

Solar cells produce direct current from light, which can be used to power equipment or to recharge a battery. Cells require protection from the environment and are usually packaged tightly behind a glass sheet. When more power is required than cells are electrically connected together to form photovoltaic modules. A photovoltaic module is a packaged interconnected assembly of photovoltaic cells, which converts sunlight into electrical power. The cells are hermitically sealed between glass and back cover (Toddler) to protect them from harsh environments.

Module Mounting Structures:

The module mounting structure is designed for holding suitable number of modules in Series/Parallel. The frames and leg assemblies of the module mounting structures is of Mild Steel power coated of suitable sections of Angle, Channel, Tubes or any other sections . All hardware considered for fastening modules with this structure are of very good quality of GI or powder coated MS. The module mounting structure is designed in such a way that it will occupy minimum space without sacrificing the output from SPV panels at the same time it will withstand severe wind speed up to a maximum 120 KMPH.

Technical Specification – Module Mounting Structures

Monitoring System:

Not required, however warranty includes regular check up with system overall functionality.(IN BUILTS)


The size of the cables between array interconnections, array to junction boxes, junction boxes to Isolator and ROOF TOP etc., is so selected to keep the voltage drop and losses to the minimum.

Technical Specification – Cables

The bright annealed copper conductors that offer low conductor resistance, they result in lower heating thereby increase in life and savings in power consumption. These wires are insulated with a special grade PVC compound formulated and manufactured in-house. The skin coloration offers high insulation resistance and long life.


The array structure of the PV Panels will be grounded properly using adequate number of Earthing kit. All metal casing / shielding of the plant shall be thoroughly grounded to ensure safety of the Solar ROOF TOP system.


MAKE : Enertech /consul(As per MNRE standard) equalling

Capacity : 30 KW

Dc volts : 240

Output : 415V.

Battery: EXIDE

12v , 150Ah *20 sets

12 volts cells ,c/10

5 years warranty.

With battery Rack.


The major components of the proposed solar ROOF TOP system are as follows:


1 Two Year warranty of the system

2 Additional three years comprensive maintenance contract free of cost.

3 Total service contract including warranty and comprensive maintenance contract is five years against any manufacture defect.

NOTE:- Natural calamities, Theft, fire , wrong handling , damage and other incident to solar power plant is not cover under warranty/Annual maintenance contract/Comprensive maintenance contract.

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