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DM Company is one of the leading Suppliers of specialty chemicals offering the broadest product range along with proactive, customer oriented expertise. DM Power is committed to provide best possible products with continuous R&D and we have a strong team at our Manufacturing/Technical Department, so that we can provide product as per required specification and application. DM Power has a complete chemicals portfolio to support its customers in improving quality of their product, saving energy, as well as reducing overheads in all areas of industry

We always provide flexible & quality task.

Uninque latest machinary used the industrial project.

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Since we established in 2014 experience & still a growing protfolio day by day!

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We manage & organized Quality Assurance

Industrial Leader

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Quality Standards

A quality standard is a detail of the requirements, specifications, the various guidelines and characteristics to be able to meet its quality by the product in order to

Modern Technique

The discussed chemical wastewater treatment processes include chemical ... Affording feasible treatment processes and disposal technique

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Water treatment chemicals boiler


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WaterTreatment & Products

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Established in 2014, we guarantee you great value for money and ensure you get the right treatment every time.

water treatment technologies and formulations

We don’t just sell water treatment and purification products; all our chemistries are supplied with technical data sheets and MSDS with your own brand’s label, plus when you buy from us you’ll receive access to comprehensive technical advice and support.

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